Educating Yourself for Healthcare
 Healthcare is one of the single largest industries in the United States. In 2006, it was the largest, totaling 14 million jobs, with 13.6 million of them hourly and salary and the remainder self-employed. The educational demands for healthcare careers are varied but higher than most other industries, with a minimum of an Associates’ Degree to enter the field. Places like Degrees in Healthcare provide the valuable service of aiding someone in discovering the right postsecondary education for entering the healthcare field.

 Some of the jobs that are available in the healthcare field are jobs associated with health without actually working in hospice or human services; an example of one of these occupations is a healthcare writer, providing information for the public that relates to the healthcare field, but only insofar through their assets of writing and research. Websites like Responsive Health provide information from writers through their research from the work of others that are more hands-on in the healthcare field; they act as a kind of second branch to the workforce provided by healthcare. Places like DegreeGo provide direction to the education necessary for these more liberal branches of the healthcare industry.

 With the economy in its current state, industries like healthcare are crucial for providing jobs to the educated workforce. Obtaining a degree that relates to healthcare could lead to a highly sought, rewarding career, and the healthcare industry is willing to provide these jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this field will continue to expand as the baby boomer generation becomes older and the average human lifespan becomes longer; this growth is thusly estimated to continue for decades, ensuring job security. There’s never been a better time to pursue a healthcare career.